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Simfatic Forms: FAQ

1. General Functionality

2. Basics of HTML forms

3. Technical Questions

4. Ordering Simfatic Forms

1. General Functionality

Q1.1 What is Simfatic Forms? How do I use Simfatic Forms?

Simfatic Forms helps you create Web forms and get it online quickly. You can easily design web forms, select the form processing options and install the form on your web site using Simfatic Forms.

Q1.2 What are the system requirements for Simfatic Forms?

Simfatic Forms is a desktop application that runs on Windows 7/8/10/11. The form processing code generated by Simfatic forms is in PHP. Your web server needs to support PHP (PHP 7 or above).
Please note that your website could be running under any platform ( Windows or Linux ). The only requirement is that it should support PHP.
PHP( ) is a free, open source server-side scripting language.

Q1.3 I am new to creating web sites. I am not familiar with HTML or scripting. Will Simfatic Forms be helpful for me?

Yes. Simfatic Forms is the ideal tool for you.

You can visually design and generate the form using Simfatic Forms. No coding is required. Simfatic Forms will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Q1.4 I am an experienced web designer. I have done several web forms in the past. Will I need Simfatic Forms?

Yes. Simfatic Forms will be a great time saver for you.

You will save a great deal of time that you used to spend hand-coding forms. Simfatic forms can generate the code for all the common features required in a web form.

Many of the ardent fans of Simfatic Forms are professional web designers.

Q1.5 How can I get updated about the new releases and of Simfatic Forms? Do you send out notifications?

You can subscribe to the Blog. Updates are sent through twitter as well.

Q1.6 Will it add the "powered by ..." line if I buy a license?

The registered version does not add the "powered by" line in the generated code.

2. Basics of HTML forms

Q2.1 How does a web form work?

When a visitor opens a page that contains a form, it is displayed in the browser. The form has an 'action' attribute that specifies the address of a server side script where the form submission should be sent to.

When your visitor submits the form, the form submission data is sent to the server side action script. The script processes the form submission(validates, sends email, saves to database) and redirects the visitor to a success page.

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Q2.2 Why do I need to upload the form to my server?

One important distinction of Simfatic Forms is that the form runs completely on your server. So you need to upload the 'back-end' script to your webserver. The advantage is that the form, the data and the form processing all happens on your server and there is no third party involved.

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3. Technical Questions

Q3.1 Does Simfatic Forms need any plug-in for the form to work?

No; The form code generated by Simfatic Forms is in standard HTML only. Simfatic Forms uses only those technologies ( HTML,CSS,JavaScript) that are native to all web browsers.

Q3.2 Does Simfatic Forms need Flash to be enabled?

No; Simfatic Forms does not require Flash. See the answer above.

Q3.3 Do I need a web server for the form to work?

Yes; Simfatic Solutions does not offer any hosting service yet. The form is completely (including the form, scripts, data) hosted on your web server.

Q3.4 Does Simfatic Solutions' server process my form submissions?

No; No third party receives your form submissions. Your form is processed completely on your web server. See above.

Q3.5 Does Simfatic forms support ASP/JSP/CFM?

No; The current version of Simfatic Forms generates code in PHP only.

Q3.6 Is there are a Mac version of Simfatic Forms?

No; At the moment, Simfatic Forms is supported only on Windows.
See also Q1.2

Q3.7 Can I use my own form processor script with the form?

Yes. You can use your own server side script with the form. In the 'Form:General' page, 'Form processing' tab , choose 'Other' option and enter the URL of the form processor script.

Q3.8 Does Simfatic Forms Generate Responsive Forms?

By default, No. As of Simfatic Forms 5, there is an expirimental feature to generate responsive forms. More details here

4. Ordering Simfatic Forms

Q4.1 How can I order a license for Simfatic Forms?

Please go to the Order Simfatic Forms page. Clicking on the "Order Now" button will bring up the secure order form. Fill-up your information and submit. Within a few minutes, you will receive the email containing your registration code.

Q4.2 What if I don't receive the email after submitting the order?

Please make sure that you submit your primary email address while ordering.

Secondly, provide your primary contact number in the order page. If the email bounces, we will try contacting you by phone.

Just after submitting the order page, you will see the page containing the unique tracking number assigned to your order. Note down this tracking number. If, for some reason you don't receive the email containing the registration code, contact support quoting the tracking number.

Q4.3 I don't buy using credit card. How can I order Simfatic Forms?

In addition to Credit card, the following options also are available:
  • Paypal
  • Bank/Wire Transfer
To purchase using any of these options, go to the order page and fill in the details. Choose the option that is suitable for you. Press Next. Depending on the payment option chosen, you will see instructions to complete the order.

Q4.4 What do I do if my computer crashed and I need a new copy of the software?

You can keep a separate copy of the software along with the license key for backup. If you don't have a backup available, contact support quoting your order number. The license key will be emailed to you again.

Q4.5 If I buy a license, can I use Simfatic Forms to create forms for different sites or do I need a license for each form on each site?

With one license, you can make as many web forms as you want. There is no limit on the number of domains, websites or forms.

License is per user. That means, you can install Simfatic Forms on one machine for one license key. The number of forms that you can create using that Simfatic Forms installation is unlimited.

Q4.6 Is the License Fee one time? Is there any yearly/monthly fees?

There is no recurring(yearly/monthly) fees. Your license key does not expire. You can keep using the same license key to make as many forms for as many clients as required.

When there is a new major version released, and if you want to upgrade to the new version, there will be an upgrade fees.

Upgrade to minor version (for example 5.0 to 5.1) is free. Upgrade to a major version (version 5 to version 6 ) requires upgrade fees.

License key of an old version will not work with a new version. For example, version 4 license key will not work with version 5. You can keep using the old version or upgrade to new version and get the new license key.

Q4.7 How do I upgrade?

If you own an earlier version license, you can upgrade to Simfatic Forms 5.0. Go to this link to order an upgrade.

Your Simfatic Forms 3/4 fwz files will open fine in Simfatic Forms 5.

If you want to try Simfatic Forms 5 before upgrading, do this:

  • Take a backup of your fwz files and generated form code.
    This will be handy in case you want to revert back to the earlier version
  • Download and install Simfatic Forms 5
  • Try Simfatic Forms 5
  • When you are happy with the new version, proceed to upgrade

Q4.8 Where can I download the previous versions of Simfatic Forms?

Please go to the link below to download older versions of Simfatic Forms
Download Earlier Versions