Simfatic Forms: Evolving into Rakenta

Dear Simfatic Forms User,

Since our inception, Simfatic Forms has empowered you to create, design, and manage web forms with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Our commitment has always been to provide a platform where the creation of web forms is not just accessible but also seamlessly integrated into your digital environment. Your forms, hosted on your server, symbolize the independence and control we wish to offer our users - no recurring fees, no submission limits, truly embodying the essence of web mastery.

As we navigate the evolving web development landscape, the principles of adaptability and user empowerment remain at our core. It's with this vision we introduce Rakenta, a natural progression from Simfatic Forms, designed to enhance your form-building experience with modern web standards and responsive design in mind.

Why Make the Switch to Rakenta?

Effortless Form Design: Rakenta’s visual editor simplifies the form design process, allowing you to drag and drop form elements, choose layouts, and customize designs without writing a single line of code.

Instant Responsiveness: Create forms that automatically adjust to any device, ensuring a seamless user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Conditional Sections and Real-time Calculations: Enhance your forms with advanced features like conditional sections to display fields based on user inputs and real-time calculations for estimates, totals, and more.

Seamless Integration: Rakenta forms can be integrated with any HTML website, CMS, or online store system, making it incredibly versatile.

Customizable HTML Code: Unlike other platforms, Rakenta provides the raw HTML code, offering you the freedom to customize your forms to match your site perfectly.

Most importantly, Rakenta forms are powered by Ratufa, a robust backend service designed to process form submissions smoothly, send notifications, and securely store your data without the hassle of managing PHP scripts.

Transitioning to Rakenta means ensuring your web forms remain functional, attractive, and ahead of the curve. We invite you to explore Rakenta and discover how its features can enhance your website and user experience.

For our loyal Simfatic Forms users, this isn't goodbye but an invitation to the future of form building. Your journey with us continues at Rakenta, where we promise to maintain the same level of dedication and support you've always known.

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