Simfatic Forms 5 is ready!

Simfatic Forms 5 is released.

Download Simfatic Forms 5

Here is a brief overview of the updates in Simfatic Forms 5

Better HTML5/CSS3 Support
PHP 7 Support
Improved Emailing & SMTP
More date - calculation functions


Support for strings in calculations


New HTML5 input types


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Simfatic Forms 5 Beta 1 Released

Simfatic Forms 5 is getting ready. The first beta release of Simfatic Forms 5 is available here:

Here is the list of updates in this release:

PHP 7 support
Better Mobile/small device Suport
New HTML5 input types

Slider (range )

Updated Calculation field - now supports string literal calculat

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Simfatic Forms 5 Beta 2 Released

Simfatic Forms 5 Beta 2 is available for download.

Download Simfatic Forms 5 Beta 2

This update fixes all the issues reported so far.

Keep sending your feedback in the form below:

Submit Suggestions

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Customizing the Date Field to Disable Certain Dates

The Date picker field in Simfatic Forms has many built-in features. You can use the smart-init feature to initialize it to a certain date. (for example: today or today + 1 week or another_date+1week etc)
If you need even further customization that is possible through custom code. In this post I will show you how to disable certain dates (for example, Saturdays and Sundays) through custom code.

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Complex Date Validations Made Simple

Here is the scenario:
"On your DatePicker, I desperately need the ability to have a start and end date picker, that I can set a value of Today + n days as the max date for StartDate, and then on the Endate + y days for a max on the EndDate."

1st Jan 2010 Is Today
StartDate: Max Start Date would be Today + N where N is 350 days.

EndDate: Beginning Date would be Startdate, Max for E

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No Emails from the form? Try these steps

You designed the form using Simfatic Forms and uploaded it successfully.
No problems so far. Easy, as a piece of cake!
You fill the form and submit. No errors too.
Then you wait and wait for the email ... and it never arrives!
Sounds familiar? Here are the steps to troubleshoot.

But first, some background information:
As you are aware, the script generated by Simfatic Forms is running c

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Simple password protection for forms

Sometimes, you would want to restrict your form to a limited set of users. Only those who have a password can submit the form.

Here is an extension module to password protect your form.

Download the extension module.
Open the file pwdprotect.php in any text editor (like Notepad)
Edit the user name/passwords. The format is like this: 'username'=>'password'
function Passw

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Unique email validation for forms

Some forms require that the email submitted in the form to be unique. If the user has already submitted the form, the form should not be submitted again (with the same email, at least)

Here is an extension module that checks the database to see that the email was not submitted before.

Please note that 'Save to database table' should be enabled in the 'form processing options page. ( The emai

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Simfatic Forms 4 Update

A new update of Simfatic Forms 4.0 is available for download. This release mainly has some bug fixes and enhancements.

The list of changes:

Enhanced Lists & Cascaded List handling List items can contain quotes, commas, or both (more info )
Adds Simfatic Forms version to fwz file and to the generated form page
This helps in tracking problems (especially in if you are using an older vers

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Designing Awesome Emails

Website-generated e-mails provide an important channel of communication with your users. But many web designers don't plan properly for these emails. Examples of auto-generated mails include: order verification after a purchase, auto-response after completing a contact form, or registration confirmation. A close look at these kinds of mails shows that their structure, wording, and flow can be impr

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