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mysql_connect(): Unknown MySQL Server Host

Error (2): mysql_connect(): Can't connect to MySQL server on ''

Error (2): mysql_connect(): Unknown MySQL Server Host ''

This error is thrown when the script could not connect to the MySQL Server that you had configured.


The solution is to provide the correct MySQL server name in the 'Database Settings' page of Simfatic Forms.

Please note the following points:
  1. Get the correct database server name from your hosting control panel. For some, the database server may be 'localhost' itself; For some other, it may be another dedicated database server.
  2. Some servers have the database server running on the web server itself; But providing your website name (like ) for 'Database server name' will not work if the server is not configured to resolve the host name. Try providing localhost in this case.
  3. Some database servers are configured such that only local connections are allowed. (Remote login is disabled). If this is the case, then the 'Test' button in the 'Database Login' page will fail. However, you can proceed and upload the form. Since the script is connecting locally, the login will work.

Also see: mysql_connect() Access denied for user

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