Simfatic Forms


Simfatic Forms is a web form builder. You can design your web forms using Simfatic Forms.

Simfatic Forms generates the code for the form. Upload the code to your website and start getting form submissions.


Using Simfatic Forms you can:

  • Visually design web forms with different types of input elements
  • attach validations to the input elements
  • get form submissions by email
  • get the form submissions to a database table
  • send an auto-response to the visitor
  • do payment processing through Paypal
  • and more!


In addition to creating your online forms, you can upload and maintain your web forms using Simfatic Forms.


This help documentation contains a Getting Started Guide  and a Detailed Reference


System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/10.

Simfatic Forms is a desktop application that runs on MS Windows systems.


  • Your web site should support PHP 5.3 or above.

Please note that your website could be running under any platform ( Windows or Linux ). The only requirement is that it should support PHP 5.3 and above. PHP ( ) is a free, open source server-side scripting language.