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mysql_connect() Access denied for user

Error (2): mysql_connect() : Access denied for user 'someone'@'servername' (using password: YES)

This error is thrown from MySQL database server saying that the MySQL login credentials are not correct.


Solution is to provide the correct MySQL login credentials in the 'Database Settings' page of Simfatic Forms

An Example

The following section shows configuring a database in cPanel ( hosting control panel ) Your control panel interface may be different.

1. First, choose the MySQL Database option from the hosting control panel.

2. You can create a database to keep the form submissions or use an existing database.
In this example, we will create a database.

Note that a prefix is automatically added to the database name

3. Now we will add a new database user

The new user is added

4. We have to assign the user to the database

The database setup is ready.

5. All that you have to do is to provide the database setup exactly to Simfatic Forms (Take the code wizard -> 'Database Login' page)


  • If your database server is on the webserver itself, then try entering localhost for the database server name field. Some database servers are configured to connect only locally.

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