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Error: Could not verify web publish folder

Getting List of files in folder /folder/folder/selected-folder/...

Creating a sample HTML file 'brw3695.tmp.html' ...

Uploading the sample file brw3695.tmp.html to /folder/folder/selected-folder/ ...

Now trying to access the file 'brw3695.tmp.html' using URL

Could not download sample file using the URL

The test was to upload a sample file brw3695.tmp.html to the remote path /folder/folder/selected-folder/ and access using URL This does not seem to be working. Please ensure that you have selected the right server and the correct folder.

While testing whether the selected folder is the web publish folder, Simfatic Forms will upload a sample HTML file to the selected folder and will try to access it using URL of the form

The test is to make sure that the selected folder is the right web publish folder and to avoid errors in the later steps.

The test failed because Simfatic Forms could not access the page using URL of the form

Note 1:
Are you using free hosting services like or 000WebHost ? If you are, then that could be the reason why the folder verification dos not work. These free hosting providers append certain pieces of tracking code to all the pages that they serve.

free hosting extra tracking code

This causes the Simfatic Forms test to fail. You may consider moving to a paid webhosting service. On a free hosting service, the form will anyway fail at a later stage since features like email, database etc are usually disabled on those free servers.

Note 2:
This step is not to select the target folder for the form. It is to select the web publish folder. The target folder for the form is selected in another step.

The web publish folder will normally be one of the following:

  • public_html
  • www
  • html
  • htdocs
  • or
  • wwwroot

Some web hosts have the root folder '/' itself as the web publish folder.


Some sample cases are shown below.

Example 1

common case, web address

For accessing a page using URL the file should be uploaded to the /htdocs/ folder. So htdocs is selected.
Note that the folder for you may be diferent. common case, web publish folder

Example 2: You have access only to a sub-folder on the server

In university website and large organizations, the individual users will have access only to a sub folder of the organization's web site.
For example, you can upload page.html to /public/users/ben and access it using URL:

First, enter the full web address to your sub-folder.
sub folder web address

Now select your sub-folder as the web publish folder.

Example 3: You want to upload to a sub-domain

You have a sub-domain 'products' where you want to install the form. In order to have a page with URL, you upload page.html to folder /products/
web address with sub-domain

In the FTP Login page, make sure that you enter the right FTP address.
FTP host name

In this case, 'products' is the web publish folder. sub-domain web publish folder

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