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Error: Found select option without value

List element 'select_name': Found select option without value. Set value for all the options in the list. The value is required for the proper working of the JavaScript validations.

You were trying to use the 'Read the form from a web page' option in Simfatic Forms. However, some of the 'select' elements(drop down list/listbox) are incomplete.

All the options within the select list should have a 'value' (set using the 'value' attribute). The value is used to identify the selection made by the user.


Update your form page and correct the 'option' tags by adding a value attribute to all the options. Example:

<select name='color'>
<option value='blue' >Blue
<option value='green' >Green
<option value='yellow' >Yellow
<option value='red' >Red

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