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PHP sessions are not working on your website

"Sessions" are a simple way to keep track of user data across multiple pages. Many of Simfatic Forms features require a working session setup on your website.

There are many ways to setup PHP sessions. The most common among them is to use simple text files that are saved in a certain folder. These files are created and managed by PHP engine. PHP can be configured to save session information in a certain folder.

Sometimes, the session setup on a webserver can go wrong. The configuration may point to a folder location that does not exist. The drive may have gone out of space.

You may not notice the bad session setup because the parts that do not use sessions will keep working normally.

However, those features that require sessions will stop working. This includes Captcha, multi-page forms, confirmation page and some of the security checks.


First, we need to confirm whether sessions are working. Download the zip file from the link below:

Unzip the file after downloading.
The zip file contains a simple test-session2.php file. You can open the test-session2.php file in a good text editor and see for yourself.

Upload test-session2.php file to your website. Now view the page ( ) in your web browser.

The web page will show whether the session is working or has any errors. If sessions are not working, you have to write to your hosting support and ask (demand) them to fix the PHP sessions. Add the test-session2.php link in the support request. Hosting support services are notorious for not having a clue and putting the blame somewhere else (yes, that includes your favorite 'brand' hosting service too! ). When they mark the request completed, visit your test-session2.php page again and check to confirm.

Now test your form. It should work fine.

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