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mail() returned failure

mail() returned failure

This error is thrown by PHP mail when:

  1. the email is not configured on the webserver
  2. or
  3. a wrong email value is sent as email field.


  • Check and make sure that you have selected the correct email field.
  • For example, if you have auto-response enabled, check that an email field is selected for the Email drop down in the response email. Similarly, in the form to email page, check that the emails entered are correct.
  • Try with a simpler Subject line for the email messages.
  • Long subject lines in the email can cause some servers to reject the email.
  • PHP mail is not configured on your web server
  • If it is neither of the above, it could be that PHP email is not configured.

    Send a support request to your hosting service and ask checking whether PHP mail is configured. Most hosting services would immediately replay saying everything is set up right. Some times we have to prove that it is not.

    To test whether PHP mail is configured right, download this , unzip it, and open the file samplemail.php in a text editor. It is a simple PHP file that sends an email. Edit the email address and set it to your email address. Save and upload samplemail.php to your website and visit the link (like ). If it is not sending a sample email, PHP email is not configured. You can follow up your support request with alink to the sendmail.php script and ask them why it is not sending email.

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