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Form does not work when Paypal is enabled

If you enable Paypal, Simfatic Forms will process the form submission only after Paypal notifies the payment is successful. The Paypal notification is called IPN.

When the Paypal notification can't reach your website, the form processing can't complete. There can be two reasons why the IPN notifications are not working:

  • Your website is not accessible from the internet
  • IPN notifications are disabled in your Paypal setup


First, check your PayPal IPN history page:
Paypal IPN History Page

Check the error against each row. If the message says "disabled", the IPN messages are disabled in your preferences. You have to enable it back.

Go to: My Account -> Profile ->Selling preferences->Instant Payment Notification preferences In your Paypal IPN notification settings, leave the URL blank and enable "receive IPN messages(enabled)"

Sandbox testing

It is better to try with the paypal sandbox testing first.

  • Go to and sign in.
  • under accounts, create one seller account and use that in Simfatic Forms paypal setup. Enable 'Test mode'.
  • Create a buyer account and use that to test your form

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