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Failed to open stream: permission denied

Error (2): fopen(./formdata/formname-46527eb8-log.php) [<a href='function.fopen'>function.fopen</a>]: failed to open stream: Permission denied

The script does not have permission to write to the file in the formdata folder. Note that the permissions that you (the user) have and that the script has are different.

The solution is to provide write permissions to the 'formdata' folder.


  1. If yours is a windows server on which you have direct access
  • Open windows explorer
  • Right-click on the 'formdata' folder.
  • Choose 'Properties' from the menu
  • Select 'Security' tab and provide write access to 'EveryOne'

  • Do you have a file manager?
  • In your hosting service control panel, do you see a 'file manager'? (For information on how to get to the hosting control panel, contact your web hosting service provider)
    If you have a File manager, enter the file manager and browse to the formdata folder. See whether there is an option to update the folder permissions to writeable.

  • Submit a support request to your hosting service provider
  • Request your service provider to give write access to the formdata folder so that the scripts can write to the folder. Provide the full path to the formdata folder in the support ticket.

    Why can't Simfatic Forms set the folder permissions by itself?
    Simfatic Forms will try to set the right folder permissions during Swift Upload. However, some FTP servers (especially the Microsoft Windows based ones) do not support setting the folder permissions through FTP. In this case, you will get this error.

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