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Your Mysql server does not have timezone database

Error setting TimeZone. Your Mysql server does not have timezone database.Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'Asia/Kolkata'

You have selected a timezone in the "Form processing options" page of Simfatic Forms. However, your MySQL database does not have updated timezone data.


Select the default timezone

In the Form processing options page, select "Server's Default time zone"

Then re-upload the form.

If you want to keep your selection of time zone, you have to update the mysql timezone data. See the alternative solution below:

Update the Mysql time zone data

Note: this will require admin acess to the mysql server. You may need to get help from your Server's admin or hosting service. If you are submitting a support request, mention that your MySQL timezone data need to be updated and quote the error message.

Depending on your server's Operating system, use mysql_tzinfo_to_sql or download and import the timezone data to mysql.

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