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Some sample forms made with Simfatic Forms

Click the 'Bare bones form page' link to see the form in a new page. You can view the source by choosing the Browser's View -> Source menu item.

Contact form

  • Simple Form
  • Sends an auto-response

Invoice form

  • A number of items could be chosen from the list
  • The total price gets calculated automatically
  • Discount and tax gets calculated based on the total price
  • The amount payable is calculated from the results above

Subscription form

  • A simple news paper subscription form
  • Shows a confirmation page before final submission

Houseboat reservation form

  • A reservation form
  • Calculates the cost based on the options chosen
  • Auto-response (sends an automated response on form submission)

Beach resort reservation form

  • Contains date fields and date validations
  • Calculations based on the dates (example: number of days between two dates)
  • Calculates the total cost based on stay duration and the options selected
  • Validation error messages are displayed on top of the form