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Screenshots of Simfatic Forms

Draw the form

Visual form editor
In this page you can design the form using the visual editor. Place the controls, resize and align to make a great form.
This page also contains 'quick set' elements; a feature to quickly add commonly used elements like Name, Email, Address etc.

Calculation Fields

Calculation Field

Multi-page forms

Multi-page forms


Add form validations
A large set of input validation types are supported.

Form processing options

Form processing options
The form processing options page. In this page you can choose what to do with the form submission data. The options include: sending form submissions to email, saving to file or database and sending an auto-response .

Configure Form-to-email

Configuring form to email
In the form-to-email page you can edit the email template for sending the form submission email.

'Swift' install the form

Using the 'swift install' feature, it is very easy to install the form on your web site.

Seamlessly integrate the form with your website

Form seamlessly integrated with a website
This is one of the Simfatic Forms' customer website with the form closely integrated with the rest of the website.