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Save and Continue Feature

"Save and continue" is useful in large forms. When there are too many input fields in a form,
your user may have to fill some of the fields, save and then come back and continue filling the form.

In order to enable the save & continue feature, place a 'Save' button on your form
(from the Pages & Sections tab -> 'Page Widgets' menu )

Save and Continue Button

In your form, the user can fill the form partially and press the Save button.

Save Button Form

Message after Save
The user can later come back to the link and continue completing the form.


  1. Save and continue is available only in multi-page forms

  2. The form processing (sending emails, PayPal or saving to the file/database )
    is done only after the user has completed the form (pressing the submit button on the last page of the form)

  3. Save & continue requires Database support. So, even if you don't have any other database features enabled, Simfatic Forms will ask for database details while uploading the form.

  4. Save & Continue is available only in the Ultimate edition of Simfatic Forms.