Scared of write permissions to formdata folder

Scared of write permissions to formdata folder

"I am scared of giving 777 permissions to form data folder. Any alternatives?"


If you have selected the features that requires writing to file, then Simfatic Forms requires write permission.


  • Give write access only to the PHP/webserver process.

This will require some amount of technical expertise though. You can get help from the server admin as well. For example, if your setup is apache + PHP and if apache is running under the www-data user privilages, give write access to www-data user only.


  • Skip the features that requires writing to a file.

These are the Simfatic Forms features that requires writing to a file :

        • logging
        • save submissions to a csv file
        • file uploads

When these features are enabled, Simfatic Forms has to write those files and hence requires write permissions. If you prefer not giving write permissions, just disable these features and it should work fine.


  • Relocate the formdata folder.

You can use an alternative location for the formdata folder. Note that the alternative folder should have write permissions.


        • Create a folder on your webserver (folder that is not accessible from the web)
        • Give write permissions to that folder
        • Download the formdatafolder extension module
        • unzip the extension module and edit the formdatafolder.php in a text editor change the path to the form data folder
        • In Simfatic Forms->Form processing options page, enable extension modules. Press Next.
        • In the 'extension modules' page, press Add module and select the updated formdatafolder.php file.
        • re-upload the form