How to Build Professional Web Forms

Your Guide to Building Usable Forms

Professional web form design is more than
"Does the form function?"

See the forms below. (Click to examine the images closely) Which one do you think will attract more leads?

Do you want to know how does a Professional Form differentiate from the mediocre ones? Read on.

At least, make sure the forms work!

Pretty obvious, right? You will be surprised how many forms out their just fail to work.

Some have built validations that you get insulted for your name!

My friend Kshitij can't submit his name because... Well, see below : )

Same is the case John O'Connor:

Do you see a pattern here? Why do these forms fail so terribly?
There is a science to Building web forms. Learning that is not difficult.

Web Forms are THE most critical part. Agree?

Web Forms are critical because that is the only way your visitors get to talk to you!

Here are the top 3 things you can do now to make better web forms

1. Label the fields right

Clear, concise, readable labels. Place them close to the input field.

2. Place the most important field on the very top.

Imagine you are building a feedback form.
Name, email, phone number, type of feedback, and then a feedback field; that looks better, right? Wrong!

In a Feedback form, ask the feedback first!

3. Do not over-validate!

I hear big surprised sounds when I say this. However, it is a PROVEN fact.

If you force too many validations, people will ditch your form.

Some people believe that adding as many validations possible increase security. Not at all.
Doing validations right and will never compromise security and your users will thank you for that.

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