Simfatic Forms 3.0 Final getting ready

I could not blog for about a month now. Sorry about that.
Simfatic Forms is getting ready for the final release. I was totally into the release tasks.

New features in the final release
The following features will be available in the final release.

Tab order setting
You will be able to change/update the tab order. Added on popular demand :)

Use check box groups in Calculation fields.

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End of Beta and a humble invitation to Bloggers

Simfatic Forms 3.0 will be released tomorrow, 21 Jul 2009.

The first release of Simfatic Forms 3.0 beta was on 6th March 2009. The beta shaped a better Simfatic Forms. There still is a pretty long To-Do list; that will eventually be addressed in the upcoming versions.

There are schools that are pro-beta and are against-beta. There are several positive reasons to have a public beta and have t

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After the 'Big' Release

It has been one week after the release of Simfatic Forms 3.0. It was for sure a busy week.

Beta Participants

The free licenses for all Beta participants were sent out. There were 140 active beta participants for Simfatic Forms 3.0. ( that is $13,860 worth of licenses! )

If you participated in the beta program and didn't get my email for some reason, please contact me for your free license

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Before putting CAPTCHA on your next web form

CAPTCHA has become common part in almost any web form now-a-days. It has become increasingly difficult to decipher the code even for extra-ordinary humans !

There are several discussions on the usability issues of CAPTCHA (here are some more). A bad CAPTCHA can bring down the number of form submissions considerably. You may lose leads, business, or contacts just because of an inappropriate

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