New Release: Simfatic Forms 3.1.4

A new release of Simfatic Forms is available for download. This new release primarily contains bug fixes and improvements.

Here is a brief list of improvements in this new update:

Fixed the date validation problem where some dates where accepted in the
client side; but not on the server side
Fixed issues that used to occur with large forms (with many fields)
Some more minor fixes and

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Simfatic Forms 3.1 released!

Simfatic Forms 3.1 is finally out of beta.

There are a number of enhancements available in this new update.

Here is the summary:

1. You can change the DocType of generated code in Options & Settings

2. The generated code passes HTML/XHTML(strict) validations at

3. More standardization: 'label' tag and 'for' attribute

4. CSS positioning in separate CSS file rather tha

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New Release: Simfatic Forms 3.1 Beta 2

A new version of Simfatic Forms 3.1 Beta is available for download. This release contains several fixes and enhancements over beta 1.

Before going into the details of the release, let me thank you for the overwhelming feedback :) Those comments really shape Simfatic Forms.

I have to admit that only those suggestions that can be included in the scope of this intermediate version got int

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New Release: Simfatic Forms 3.1 Beta

Simfatic Forms 3.1 comes with a set of 'high demand' features.

The next version (Simfatic Forms 4.0) will address almost all feature requests that you had requested. However, it will take a few months to complete all of them. Meanwhile, it looks like a good idea to have an intermediate version with the most demanded features.

Here are the highlights of Simfatic Forms 3.1

Ability to

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Simfatic Forms Release 3.0.5

An updated version of Simfatic Forms is available for download. This update includes minor fixes and some improvements.

Here are the major changes:
1. Fixed a problem in the calculation field script
(List box/radio button value not counted properly in the calculation)

2. Applied CodeSign Certificate

3. Fixed problem with date field validations
(Date validations were applied even if the

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Simfatic Forms 3.0 beta 3 is released

Simfatic Forms version 3.0 beta 3 (build: is available for download.

Grab your copy :)

This update comes with a bunch of exciting features and fixes.

Major Changes

New error message style for validation errors

Those message boxes can be moved or closed.

Ajax validation for Captcha
Quicker response to Captcha validation, using the enhanced message style.

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Evolving your form

Some of the recent support requests made me think of this: how to make building complex forms easier? If you have used Simfatic Forms, you will immediately realize that Simfatic Forms makes it pretty quick to build a large form. Taken by this, users build a large form and get overwhelmed by the large set of input fields that they have to deal with in the later steps.

Here is how to develop your

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Update to Simfatic Forms 3 beta 3

A problem was found in the last release of Simfatic Forms 3 beta 3 (build:

Simfatic Forms throws error when you try to open certain fwz files created in the earlier versions. (For those files that contains non-English characters). The problem was identified immediately and the fix is in place.

Thanks Stefan Messler for reporting the problem!

You can download the la

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Video demo: editing features of Simfatic Forms

Video demos help in understanding the features better.

Here comes a video demo on the editing features of Simfatic Forms 3.0 ('Draw the form' page). It starts from the basics and proceeds to more advanced features.


Placing form controls
Deleting, resizing
Resizing the form
Properties box
Cut, copy, pasting
Undo, redoing
Aligning objects
Using g

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Video Demo: Getting Started With Simfatic Forms

This video demo takes you quickly through the steps of creating a form, uploading it, and then integrating the form with a blog.


Create a feedback form

Add some basic validations

Select options to send form submissions by email and save to database

Install the form (swift install)

Integrate the form with a blog

Test the form

Get form submissions by email

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