Simple password protection for forms

Sometimes, you would want to restrict your form to a limited set of users. Only those who have a password can submit the form.

Here is an extension module to password protect your form.


Download the extension module.

Open the file pwdprotect.php in any text editor (like Notepad)

Edit the user name/passwords. The format is like this: 'username'=>'password'


function PasswordProtect()


//username => password

$this->logins = array('pmj'=>'p',




In Simfatic Forms, Enable 'Extension Modules' (Form processing options page)

In the 'Extension modules' page, press the 'Add module' button and select your updated pwdprotect.php file

Re-upload the form

Now, when you open the form page, your browser will show a box asking for username and password

request password dialog box

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My entry above stripped the sample code will try again:

I used the following code with the standard PHP start and finish and without the //'s




//$_SESSION = array();

Using pwdprotect.php and it works great but for the life me cannot get the session to log off and re prompt for the password unless I close the browser.

tried the following:

does not appear to work.

Anyone know to do this?

I edited the .php file to

//andrew => moneybot

but when I upload it to the site and it asks for a username and password that doesn't seem to be accepted. Any ideas?

It's great. One of the reasons I chose Simfatic Forms is because it has a no-nonsense business-like approach. No sarcastic or annoyingly-cute comments like another form software. This password-protect is easy to use and works perfectly. No nonsense.

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Great software

wo this is such a great sharing , and good for those kind of entry needed for secure office work . thanks alot for the great sharing!