No Emails from the form? Try these steps

You designed the form using Simfatic Forms and uploaded it successfully.

No problems so far. Easy, as a piece of cake!

You fill the form and submit. No errors too.

Then you wait and wait for the email ... and it never arrives!

Sounds familiar? Here are the steps to troubleshoot.

But first, some background information:

As you are aware, the script generated by Simfatic Forms is running completely on the webserver where you uploaded the form. The web servers are configured in different ways that can affect the working of the script. The email configuration on the web server can become somewhat tricky. If the PHP-email is not configured correct on the web server, emailing may just fail without any error.

Here are the troubleshooting steps:

1. Make sure that the 'From' Field is a proper email address

In the 'Take the code' step, 'Email settings' page enter a simple email address that belongs to the same domain where the form is uploaded. For example, if you are uploading the form to, the from address should be like or (but not

The From field

2. If using SMTP, make sure that the login is correct

Please note that using SMTP option in the 'Email settings' page is optional. If you do want to use the SMTP option, make sure the login details are entered accurate.

3. Simfatic Forms' own diagnostics

Simfatic Forms contains certain diagnostic features that point you to the settings. In the Take the Code page, if you see a link as shown below, take a moment to click and see what Simfatic Forms' has got to suggest.

Not getting emails?

4. May be it is the webserver

If you tried all these and still no emails, perhaps there is something wrong in the webserver configuration.

What we can do is to test and see whether a simple PHP script can email from your website. Download the script from the link below; follow the instructions to test the script.

  • unzip the file
  • Open the samplemail.php file in a text editor and replace email address with your email address.
  • Update email address

  • Save and Upload samplemail.php to your website (just like you would upload any web page).
  • Now, access the uploaded script in your browser.
  • access script online

It should send you a sample email. If not, there is something wrong in your webserver configuration. Post a support ticket to your web hosting support saying:

"Hey! it seems there is some problem with the PHP mail configuration. A simple PHP mail script like this: (give a link to the script you uploaded) doesn't work!" and let them troubleshoot.

Or just drop me a line posting this form and I am here to help you!

Do remember to attach the Simfatic Forms file (file with extension .fwz) ( do File->Save as from Simfatic Forms to get the fwz file) to your support request.

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I have older Simfatic forms where the emails are working just fine, but a new one and an older form updated using Simfatic don't seem to work. The test email recommended about works just fine as well, so I'm sure it's not the server. Is there something different in the newer version of the software?

I need to update some more forms, but I'm afraid I'll lose the email functionality.

Thanks for any help.

Please help.

I have tried all the above and this is what happens.

I have completed a test on one of the forms I created and uploaded. I get the auto email thanking me for completing the form but the submitted data email never arrives. I tried the Samplemail script and it also works so not a problem with my webserver. Please assist.

Please send your <a href="" rel="nofollow">form file</a> to support (at)

hi can someone help me out here, i'm kind a stuck with recieving the emails from the simfatic form. it is just like written in the first lines on top of the page.

upload is successfull. No problems so far. Easy, as a piece of cake!

You fill the form and submit. No errors too.

Then you wait and wait for the email … and it never arrives!

Sounds familiar? Here are the steps to troubleshoot. i also tried the steps.

still no emails. whats can i do.?

What happens when you test your server with the sample samplemail.php ?

My email is correct. But I'm using my gmail acct. Is it better to change it to my a

My gmail has worked in the past.